PVC west versatile cladding


Price is per m2. Installation can be organised for local market here in WA. For overseas, we can send you “how-to installation” manual. Long term business partners receives special discount.

Per panel measures 5800 mm x 260 mm (5.8 m x 0.26 m)

Provides a coverage of 1.51 m2

Please see our accessories range to complete your versatile cladding installation. We can also custom make the fixings to suit your color needs or profile design. We can make them from colorbond steel flashing.


PVC West versatile cladding is our top of the range cladding building product. The versatile cladding provides high UV resistance, doesn’t fade or go brittle over time and retains its composure and color for a long time. They are made to Australian standards and Australian weather conditions and provides exceptional durability and rigidness.

PVC West versatile cladding is versatile in its use. They don’t rust or fade meaning it’s perfect to use around coastal properties. They are prefabricated and can be installed over any substrate. The 5800 mm (5.8 m) long length of the panels provide uniform installation and helps you avoid any excess materials or off cuts.

When time and resources is an important factor in business, our versatile cladding is here to make your life easier. DIY, architects, builder, or a handyman can install this.


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