Gable style deluxe letter box


The largest style mailbox in the series. All aluminium construction.

Size: 340mm Wide x 330mm Long x Height 240mm

Slot 240mm

Overall Height 1300mm.

(Black or white color standard stock. Other colorbond color is available but lead time will take extra)



The largest style mailbox in the series. All aluminium construction.

Size: 340mm Wide x 330mm Long x Height 240mm

Slot 240mm

Overall Height 1300mm.

Mailbox Colours
Generally the colour you would select for your letterbox would match one of the trim colours on your house. This could be your garage doors, window frames or your gutters but it could also be a neutral colour or finish like stainless steel. It is all in the “eye of the beholder” and remember,  also consider the finish of your fence and wall. If you are in doubt seek the advice of a colour consultant.

Letterbox Style
Letterboxes are generally classified as Modern and Contemporary or otherwise as Classical or maybe Federation style. You can try and match the mailbox to suit the style of your house le, i.e Gable or Skillion roof line. This is all in the eye of the beholder and if in doubt please seek the advice of a design consultant or architect.

The Opening Statement to Your Home
Do you know that the letterbox is the first thing a person looks for when they come to visit you? It is generally accepted that this is where your street address number is.  Many styles and colours of mailboxes are available in today’s market to match your house style, to or suit your individual taste.


Installation Details for a Standard Letterbox 

Step 1 – Dig a Hole
Dig a hole approximately 200mm in diameter x 300mm deep.

Step 2 – Add Concrete Mix and Set Post
Add approx 100mm of Pre Mix or Post Mix Concrete (Dry) in the hole and set the mailbox post on top of this. Then add the required amount of water and fill the remainder of the hole with the concrete mix. Please ensure that the mailbox is level and then pack the concrete tightly around this to hold it stable.

Do not move or unsettle the mailbox while the concrete is curing.

Do not use Rapid Set as it is not recommended to be used with aluminium product.


Installation Details for Premium Series Synthetic Pier Mailboxes (Moderna & Vectra)

1. Level the ground where the letterbox is to be positioned and ensure this area is approximately 100mm larger than the
bottom of the letterbox and to a depth of 80mm.
2. Mix cement bags following the manufacturer’s instructions (wet slurry). Place the concrete into the hole and spread out
over the hole to form a pad.
3. Place the mailbox in position and push down ensuring that the cement slurry runs into and completely covers the holes at the base of the pier (vibrate/move the mailboxes sideways to drive it down).
4. Align your level to the front and side of letterbox to ascertain that it is squared and level.
5. When you have confirmed that the letterbox is level, proceed to trowel the cement neatly around the box raising the
concrete up about 50mm onto the side of the box. This will securely fix the mailbox in place and provide a
mower/whipper snipper edge.
6. After trowelling, check the level again and then replace the soil/bark (if applicable) around the base of the letterbox.

If you are fitting numerals, other than those fitted by us you can use wood screws and adhesive. Make sure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions for their type of adhesive.

This product, once installed, is required to be painted by the end user. This can be done with any type of outddor acrylic paint.


Installation Details for a Screw Anchor

Step 1 – Guide Hole
Use a crow bar to create a path for the Screw Anchor to follow. This is to ensure that the Anchor will screw in straight and not kilter of course by obstacles.

Step 2 – Screw in Anchor
Clear an area on the top of the guide hole approx 50mm deep x 300mm dia. With the drive pin supplied screw the anchor into the ground till the top of the anchor is level to the natural ground level.

Step 3 – Insert Mailbox

Using the plastic insert bushes supplied, insert the correct diameter insert for the post into the Anchor then insert the mailbox post into the Anchor till it can go no further, tighten screw and replace the dirt so that the fastening screw is buried.


For other types mount using concrete anchors (Dyna Bolts, Concretes Screws or Supplied Hardware) onto slabs. You can buy precast concrete slabs/pavers at your local hardware which could be implemented.


Installation Details for a Fence Box

Many  various  methods  are  used  when  fitting  mailboxes into fences,  primarily because there are many varying fence designs such as, Timber Picket, Lattice, Pool Fencing, Colourbond and many more. Henceforth it is left to the installer to come up  with  the  best  installation  method  used  in retaining  their  mailbox is securely in place. With over 25 years of selling fence boxes we very seldom get posed the question, “how do you install them” and we have seen many creative solutions however our recommendation is based on the principle as follows;

1. Neatly cut a suitable sized hole to accept the mailbox body size.
2. If  possible, use  a  suitable  construction  adhesive  (Sikaflex  252)  behind  the overhanging face and wall/fence. In some cases, this represents adequate installation, if not move to next step.
3. Using offcut pieces from your fence palings which have been cut to a suitable size (or alternatively use angle brackets, available from hardware store), use these  to  “sandwich”  the fence  between  the  face  plate  and  these  sections, fixing them to the side of the box using suitable screws.
Please do not detract from the finish of the faceplate by drilling holes through it and using screws to install your mailbox.

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