What sort of outdoor makeover do you do?

We partner with KNZ Outdoor to provide this service to you. Together, we can assist you with landscaping jobs such as limestone retaining wall, brick wall. We can also design, fabricate and manufacture outdoor set ups, arbor, patios, alfresco, shade sail and pergolas for you.

Do you have any references?

Our customers are more than happy to refer our works. You can find all our works on our gallery page here or also on PVC West and KNZ Outdoor website. You are also more than welcome to visit our customers who have authorised us to send their details should we ever need any references.

How cost effective are you?

We try to keep a very effective budget where we fulfil the requirement of the Project within the agreed budget. We are thrifty in this regard and will help you save time, money and resources. And then we say we help you save budget, we genuinely do that and it’s not just a marketing gimmick. If you don’t value this, then we are not the right business for you. And if we don’t value you, then we shouldn’t be in this business either.


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