Initial consultation

Our initial consultation for any project you start with us starts with a great concern. We listen to you needs, we listen to your story. Based on the choices you are after and the possible likeliness of the style, we offer you the various designs and concepts we have with us. No job is small job for us and this is where we stand out from the rest.

The initial consultation is generally a consultation over email, phone call, text or if you prefer a video call. Coffee is on us, if you want to meet.

Coordination Process

Success of any project depends on communication and that is only possible through prompt coordination. Coordination of the trades is an integral part of the process, especially when most of us are time poor and when time is of essence. We will ensure we get your project completed within a reasonable time period and will never ignore you.

Council approvals?

Yes we will assist you with council approvals wherever required. There are two steps in any renovation process with Council –

Planning and Building. 

Planning and building should not be confused and one must always ensure to check with the shire if any permit or DA is required for any renovation one wants to perform. For more information on how to apply, you can either visit your nearest shire or let us know how you want to proceed and we can do this for you.

What's the time line like?

While we can control our build time, we cannot control external factors such as council permits, material delay, shipment delay, etc. However, we do ensure that we do everything possible to make the best use of information available and guide you through the process together.

Job satisfaction

We encourage our customers to let us know what they expect of us, our service and our product. Helping us know your expectation helps us set a direction and move in that direction. It not only helps in defining clear boundary on your renovation journey with us, but also assists you to clear any misunderstandings or miscommunication.

Your satisfaction is our priority and we will do all we can within the scope of the work provided to provide you with our best service.

Cost Control

Wherever possible, we will ensure, we provide up-to-date information with respect to changes that have occurred. Since time and quality is of essence, we will do any means possible to maintain proper cost control for your project. Your success is our happiness and we want to celebrate this with you together.