$10,000 inc GST.

Western Heroz believes in research and development. And our Merchant Marketing Package is the perfect deal for our partners who are looking to assist us in expanding our products and services.

Western Heroz shall offer our merchants a “merchant marketing package” wherein marketing agents can purchase up to AUD 10,000 inc GST plus administration fees to market Western Heroz’s products and services. This is similar to purchasing a franchise, but the only variation here being Western Heroz is not imposing any franchise rules on our marketing partners. Payment for this matter is payable to us before we release the merchant marketing agreement and must be cleared before the service is made active at our marketing partners. 

To this regard, we will also have the jurisdiction, at certain instances to reissue the Humm finance money back to the merchants in the form of lump sum money limited to AUD 10,000 inc GST so the merchants can invest this finance to remarket products and services of Western Heroz. This we will pay you directly to your nominated bank account or top up your Humm card. In so doing, merchants must note that any fortnight instalment payment payable to Humm plus any account keeping fees and admin charges charged by Humm is still payable by the merchants to Humm and not us.  

Terms and conditions of Humm must be read, understood and signed before confirming any further commitments. Link to this can be found our website under payment plans. https://westernherozgroup.com.au/our-services/humm/