Study now, Pay later (SNPL) scheme

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.

  • Benjamin Franklin.

Here at Western Heroz, we believe that everybody deserves a fair go. That is the reason why we have started to cooperate and link up with Institutions, Universities, Colleges, training bodies and organisations to offer education assistance. This scheme is available to students studying at different levels of education (pre-primary, high school, TAFE, College and University). Parents intending to acquire additional funds for their school going children can avail this facility as well as students pursuing higher studies. This fee will cover any where from school tuition fees, school uniforms, stationery, and other school related expenses.

Education is the most important asset that every individual should have access to. In today’s day and age, where competition is stiff and highly demanding, having a decent education will help in various ways possible. We believe that providing assistance to students particularly in the fields of engineering, construction management, project management, community development and psychological skills will assist in producing better individuals and a West Australian society full of talents and expertise to take WA into the global standards.

Our education study now, pay later scheme is particularly designed for individuals to manage and balance their work/study. You can pay off your education fees comfortably by 36 months. depending on the amount applied, repayment tenure can range anywhere between 12 – 36 months.

Our education assistance works in a very simple way:

1. Students intending to study a desired course chooses the desired university/school/college/institution;

2. University/college/ORGANISATION/institution offers Confirmation of enrolment (COE) or confirmation of admission;

3. Students, PARENTS, GUARDIAN or guarantor contacts western heroz.

4. Our email is –;

5. Necessary paperwork is completed and education SNPL is activated. please note, application activation takes place in different stages and unless you receive a confirmation from us that the funds are processed, your application will be on hold;

6. CREDIT up to $10,000 inc GST for 36 months is available for qualifying individuals. this is an interest free scheme with zero interest.  A monthly account keeping fee of $9 is charged (as at February 2023) plus a one-time $90 account set up fee.  There is a late paying fee of $6 (as at February 2023) for any missed delayed payments. INSTALMENTS are paid fortnightly. 

7. Your requested amount of up to $10,000 inc GST will be paid to you in full through your nominated bank account or directly to the institution. there will be an administration and merchant fees to manage the study now, pay later (sNPL) in addition to the amount you are applying for. this does not mean that you are paying extra just because you are using this SNPL scheme. This additional amount is not interest and will be a fixed amount that we will charge you in addition to your requested amount. you can either pay this separate or have this included together with your Snpl amount. additional fees can be any where between $50 – $ 5040 depending on the amount you apply.

8. This process takes approximately 3-5 working weeks from start to finish.


1. Confirmation of enrolment. or Student admission confirmation.

2. If applying through a guardian, full guardian details is required. Please fill up the guardian guarantee form available at Download here

3. If applying through a guarantor, full guarantor details is required. Please fill up the guarantor guarantee form available at Download here

4. International students may qualify if you have a qualifying guarantor who is a WA resident, has a confirmed employment and confirmed pay details. Documents will be requested to verify.

5. If employed, employment details is required.

Please note, we will only collect your personal information up to the required details and will not share or use your personal information for any purpose other than for documentation purpose. Unsuccessful applications will be deleted immediately.





For Government funded schemes, here are some information that can be useful for you:

Find out about payments you can get when taking the leap to further training or study at university or TAFE.

Main student payments

If you’re studying, training or doing an Australian Apprenticeship, you may get one of these payments:

  • Youth Allowance for students and apprentices is financial help if you’re a student or apprentice aged 24 or younger. You must be either studying full time or doing a full time Australian Apprenticeship.
  • Austudy is financial help if you’re 25 or older and studying or completing an Australian Apprenticeship.
  • ABSTUDY is a group of payments for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students or apprentices.

You can use our Payment and Service Finder to see which payment you may get and estimate your payment rate.

Extra payments

You may get extra help if you’re a student, trainee or Australian Apprentice and you get certain payments from us.

Education Entry Payment is a yearly payment for when you start study.

Pensioner Education Supplement (PES) is a payment to help with study costs. There are 2 other types of PES:

Student Start-up Loan is a voluntary loan you can get up to twice a year. You must be a higher education student.

Help if you’re moving to study

We can help you if you’re moving to study from a rural, remote or regional area.

Tertiary Access Payment is a one off payment of up to $5000. It’s to help if you’re moving from a regional or remote area the year after finishing year 12 or equivalent.

Read more about other payments we have if you’re moving for study.

Help with living costs

You may also get other help with your living costs.

Rent Assistance is an automatic payment if you pay rent and get certain payments from us.

Help while studying if you have disability

Youth Disability Supplement is an extra payment if you have a physical, intellectual or psychiatric disability. You must be getting an income support payment to get Youth Disability Supplement.